About Yokohama Group of companies

The origins of the Yokohama Group of companies dates back to just 1992, when a couple of friends with innovative entrepreneurship set up their own company in Paramaribo, Suriname, Latin America, called Yokohama Trading N.V. They started importing used automobiles from Europe. Over the years, the company expanded and shifted to the imports of mainly Japanese vehicles. From that point onwards, the company grew rapidly and became a significant automobile import and distribution company in Suriname and even the market leader for 11 consecutive years.

Acquiring import contracts for brands such as Chery Tiggo SUV’s, Great Wall Wingle compact pickups, Changan mini pickups, JMC light trucks, King Long busses, Dong Feng dump trucks and also Sany excavators, the company is preparing actively for the future, constantly striving to achieve the highest possible added value in the relationship with the customer, cherishing its long-term liaisons by investing in and matching its services to customers requirements, and to present the best offers to (potential) clients with complementary services, such as maintenance, repair and financing.

During the last 15 years, The Group diversified and expanded its activities significantly, establishing many companies. In this period it also became the number 1 private employer in Suriname. From 2000 on, the Yokohama Group of companies expanded its activities subsequently into Europe, Africa, Asia and further in Latin America.

A succinct epitome of diversity

Ysec-IT N.V.

Ysec-IT NV Suriname and Ysec IT Softwares India Pvt Ltd are specialized in innovative product development, service and production of high-quality products in the area of management, finances, fishery, car sales, gambling and so on. For further information see website www.ysecit.com

Rocco Pallas N.V.

In the civil engineering and construction branch, we are represented by our company Rocco Pallas. They constructed the prestigious Atlantis Hotel – Casino, but the expertise also extends to infrastructure projects such as bridges, etc. The current management of Rocco Pallas built 22 bridges.

Deep Sea Atlantic N.V.

Deep Sea Atlantic is our state of the art fish processing plant, including its own polystyrene foam factory. DSA has all up to date required certifications and exports fish, fresh on ice and frozen, by air and sea to more than 10 countries, including its largest market: the USA. DSA went into a strategic alliance with a major U.S. seafood import company and has a good reputation in the market. For more information see website www.deepseaatlantic.sr

Green Wood World N.V.

This company is doing "research, development, exploration and exploitation of natural resources with an emphasis on sustainability and strong alliances with complementary international parties". Currently, the company owns the franchise rights to a total area of 86,004 hectares, in Suriname. Pertaining to logging there are partners from China, Malaysia and Europe. The aim is timber felling, replant and transforming the region to an "inexhaustible" source of timber.

Pasha Global

Internationally known under the name Pasha Global, the affiliates are operating under the names Simba Casino, Atlantis Casino, Tropicana Casino, Savannah Casino, Magic Island Casino and Mirage Casino. Casinos where established, exploited and sold in Cyprus, Suriname, Uganda and Djibouti. Pasha Global focuses on opportunities in other countries with their concept developments, innovations, software design, plug and play concepts, design of slot machines and many more.

Promax Trading N.V.

Promax has a private label line of household appliances, manufactured in China. The consumer is approached with a strong focus on best quality, optimal service and extremely advantageous pricing. This resulted in a stable and well known brand name.

Suribetting N.V.

Suribet has developed its own hard- and software for daily games, scratch cards, lotto, sports betting, virtual racing, online gaming etc. This range of betting products is partly furnished to the markets in Surinam, Cyprus, Guyana, Uganda and is now being implemented in Ghana. In connection with the changing market needs of the world, the company is sternly and determinedly engaged in devising and refinement of new overall "customized plug and play" formats and concepts. A revolving task that keeps Suribet already working in the future. At this moment we exploit Suribet in Suriname, Simbabet in Uganda, SportBet in Cyprus and Superbet in Guyana. In the meantime, Suribet is also on the threshold of a few foreign governments to enter new markets and create more potentialities.

Suribet meets the corporate social responsibility and donates to projects of the group of companies.

The Suriname Football Association (SVB) is funded for a longer time and this Association itself is also co-founder of Suribetting N.V.

Central Money Exchange N.V.

From the beginning, the group of companies has been active in buying and selling foreign currencies, facilitating the industry and the final consumer with good accessibility, adequate time for opening and competitive rates. We currently operate Drive Thru Cambio and Central Money Exchange N.V.

Good to Know

We operate and have business relationships in Japan, China, Trinidad & Tobago, India, Turkey, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Cyprus, Colombia, Curacao, Guyana and the United States. We show our social responsibility in each country in sports, culture, education and in situations of affliction and adversity.

Our innovative business management in Suriname resulted in high quality "HIGH TECH" export products and services for the several industries with tremendous added value. These top-quality products are easily getting footholds on the world market, surpassing other extremely competitive providers.

From the perspective of development and economical contribution, we are a group of companies that:

Invests, Creates work, Pay taxes, Innovate, Add value, Produces, Markets high-tech products and services, Works worldwide, and Promotes entertainment and tourism. The Group is aware of its social responsibility, especially in the framework of the development stage of Suriname, and the competitive globalizing world.